Hi and goodbye ~

I came to say what everyone already knows, I think (?) 

I seriously thought about coming back with Talk That and start updating again… but I can’t. I have no time, since I already help in two fanbases… and I can’t even help too much.

So yeah, I will stop running this tumblr… I’m so sorry to my followers, the ones that were here all the time and the new ones. I know there isn’t any ONLY ZINGER tumblr, but, I’m sure someone will do it again one day. 

You can find Zinger pictures as well as pictures from the other members here



A friend of mine runs it, and she’s very dedicated, with daily updates and all

Also the well known tumblrs such as



And if someone wants to keep in touch with me…? @suzinbunny that’s my twitter ~

Also, the last favor, please click my link ;-; I will really appreciate it, if you once loved my work here or if you are just a kind-hearted Amazinger (?) 


I love you all, really, thank you so much. Continue being the awesome amazingers you are and over all support Zinger with all your heart!

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Sure <3